Institute for Public Affairs


Institute for Public Affairs

The Institute for Public Affairs (Instituto de Asuntos Públicos, INAP) is a multidisciplinary institute, part of the University of Chile, which is dedicated to debating, teaching, researching and consulting on issues and problems of public interest. With a strong academic foundation in the fields of political science, public policy and public administration, it seeks to offer alternatives and proposals in order to create a society that is more equal, democratic, efficient and environmentally sustainable.

INAP works to generate knowledge and analytical tools for the growth and development of the country and its families, private enterprises and public institutions, concentrating its research in areas such as state modernization, human rights, the protection of society’s most at-risk sectors, democratic governability, security and sustainable development.

Our undergraduate teaching programs are based at the School of Government and Public Management which trains public administrators in the service of the state. Our Graduate School offers two Masters' programmes: one in Political Science and the other in Government and Public Management. Both of these attract students from Chile, as well as from Latin America.

There are three specialized research centers in INAP:

Professor Hugo Frühling is currently the Director of INAP.



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