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Postgraduate School

The Graduate School of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Chile (INAP) runs the postgraduate programs offered by the Institute: the Master in Government and Public Management (Magíster de Gobierno y Gerencia Pública, MGGP), the Master in Political Science (Magíster en Ciencia Política, MCP), and a variety of postgraduate Diplomas focused on specialized areas such as State Financial Management, Environmental Conflict Management and the Formulation, Management and Evaluation of Public Interest Projects, to name a few.

The School is run by a Director appointed by the Director of the Institute, as well as an Academic Council which decides policy and strategic matters and advises the Director on various subjects.

This Council includes the Director of the Institute, the heads of the graduate programs, two elected members representing MGGP and MCP students and four elected members representing the Institute's academic staff.

Professor Leonardo Letelier Saavedra is currently the Director of the Postgraduate School.



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