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Undergraduate School

School of Government and Public Management

The Public Administration degree, first offered by the University of Chile in 1954, was the first in the country to use interdisciplinary content to prepare men and women for leadership positions in the field of public affairs. Because of this, the university has been responsible for educating those currently the best in their field, who have excelled in solving public problems and who are committed to service. Our professionals teach students to act based on probity, commitment and the values upheld by the University of Chile in order to contribute, in this way, to the creation of a fairer society.

In this sense, our school’s strategy-based course uses curricular and pedagogical innovations to give our graduates the capacity to lead future economic, political, cultural and social changes. The recent accreditation of our degree is evidence of these efforts. Furthermore, we believe that excellence must be comprehensive, which is why we emphasize a bio-psychosocial approach to teaching, in which sporting, cultural and recreational activities are seen as strategic activities that help achieve a better academic performance, as well as aiding the development mutual respect and tolerance.

The lecturers for this degree are experts in the following four strategic areas: a) the management of organizations and networks of a public character, b) high-level consultancy on public affairs, c) research on and knowledge of public affairs; and d) the management and coordination of the public policy process.

Professor Verónica Figueroa Huencho is currently the Director of the School of Government and Public Management.



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