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Research Centers

Center for Studies on Public Safety (CESC)

The Center for Studies on Public Safety (Centro de Estudios en Seguridad Ciudadana, known as CESC) undertakes projects on public policy development and research, as well as offering extension education and teaching. Its mission is to contribute to the design of fully democratic public polices for citizen security, which respect civil rights, are open to constructive criticism and citizen oversight and, above all, emphasize prevention as a way of reducing violence.

CESC’s aims include developing quality studies and research, supported by strong methodology on the key issues that address criminality and violence. Among other activities, CESC builds information systems to support local and national policies, evaluates the impact of intervention programs for at-risk groups and advises public and private institutions on the design, evaluation and systematization of programs to prevent violence and reduce crime, both in Chile and in Latin America.

CESC has defined three major areas of research through which to meet its aims: Crime Prevention, Prison Studies and the Police and the Criminal Justice System.

Centre for Public Policy Analysis (CAPP)

The main aims of the Center for the Analysis of Public Policies (CAPP) are research, consultancy work, teaching and extension education on public matters relating to the environment, urban planning and energy.

CAPP’s mission is to provide an academic contribution to the creation, execution and evaluation of public policies that help reinforce social and cultural integration, development sustainability and the country’s political governability.

As well as carrying out research and pre- and post-graduate teaching, CAPP periodically compiles the Country Report: State of the Environment in Chile, which describes the country’s environmental situation, pressures and societal and state solutions.

The Director of CAPP is currently Professor Nicolo Gligo Viel.



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